How to Make Crafts to Sell at Markets

Updated February 21, 2017

If you have a passion for making one-of-a-kind crafts, you can utilise your skill and talent and turn it into a moneymaking opportunity. Selling crafts at local flea markets at craft fairs can help you earn extra money while doing something that you love. It is moderately easy to make and sell your own crafts, though it does take dedication and time. It is important that you not only offer high quality crafts, but also make yourself stand out to buyers above other sellers.

Decide on a theme or type of craft you want to specialise in. By having a speciality within your crafting, you will be able to work more efficiently and also appear more organised and professional toward potential buyers. For example, you may specialise in custom jewellery sets or intricately designed knitting. This will allow you to stand out when selling in the market.

Research upcoming craft fairs and markets in your area. Note the date and time of each event, as well as the application deadline if applicable and the cost to rent and set up space. Fill out all necessary forms and pay any existing fees in advance.

Start preparing the craft several months before the market or fair. This will provide with time to make enough crafts to sell, as well as give you some time for breaks and experimentation within your speciality. Create several of each craft in different colours to incorporate variety into your wares.

Set prices for each of your crafts, and decide how much you are willing to negotiate with buyers, if at all. When pricing, factor in the cost of materials, the time it took to create each item, the cost of renting space at the market and profit. This will ensure you do not lose money in selling your crafts.

Experiment with table set ups in your home to see how each of your crafts will look laid out at the market. This will ensure your set-up is organised and uncluttered, which will attract potential buyers.

Make a list of the qualities your crafts possess that make them desirable. This will give you some speaking points to address with customers at the markets and help you persuade them to buying from you over the other sellers.


To make yourself seem even more professional and increase your chances of having repeat customers and custom orders, consider having business cards printed to display alongside your wares at the craft markets.

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