Engraving Tools for Steel

Centuries ago, steel engraving was a time-consuming way to showcase artistic talent by using simple hand engraving tools. Steel replaced copper plates due to its durability and allowed finer detail to be engraved. In addition to works of art, engraving today is also done to etch words or pictures into jewelery, guns and other metal weaponry and musical instruments. For commercial applications such as a printing press, hand engraving has been replaced by engraving or CNC milling machines. Because steel is such a hard metal, engraving tools had to develop into very hard, durable tools to provide the highest engraving quality.

Tough Tip Engraving Tool

The Tough Tip Engraving Tool is a solid carbide rotating engraving tool used to engrave tougher materials such as steel, stainless steel, tool steel, gun steel and more.

This tool was developed for its ability to withstand engraving steel. The durable tip is shaped like a V to reduce the amount of material removed from the end of the tool. This, in turn, strengthens the tip and increases tool life despite the use on the hardest of metals. It can also be used on CNC milling machines, and many other engraving equipment on the industrial level.

Standard Conical Tool

This specifcic engraving tool is made of solid carbide and rotates for use in CNC milling machines, spring loaded engraving tools and other industrial equipment. The Standard Conical Tool is perfect for general engraving of the widest variety of metals including steel, brass, copper and many plastics. The tool is also useful for chamfering edges.

The Conical Ballnose Tool

This carbide tool is similar to the Standard Conical. However, it will produce a cut with a rounded bottom–a useful tool for reverse engraving or 3D projects. It is preferred for its durability over the standard Ballnose Endmills or tapered Ballnose Endmills.

Engraving Mill-Drill Tool

This multi-purpsose tool has two cutting edges, making it able to engrave, drill, chamfer and countersink through steel and other hard metals. Its durability and versatility eliminate the need to switch tools.

Carbide Point Scribing Tool

The Carbide Point Scribing Tool has a pointed tip that will allow very fine lines to be engraved on the toughest of metals and on soft material like brass and even plastic. When small, detailed work is necessary, this tool will provide fine engraving.

Diamond Tip Engraving Tool

This tool provides a fine line on steel and can also be used for detailed work on ceramics and stone. A spring-loaded engraving tool is suggested for use with diamond tips.

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