Fun Things You Can Make With a Handkerchief

Written by heather meehan | 13/05/2017
Fun Things You Can Make With a Handkerchief
Handkerchiefs can be turned into fun kids' crafts. (handkerchiefs image by Maria Brzostowska from

A handkerchief can be used for many purposes other than blowing your nose or wiping sweat from your forehead. Colourful handkerchiefs can be used to make fun and inventive kids' crafts that can capture any child’s imagination. With just a few basic art supplies and a little know-how, an old handkerchief can be transformed into something extraordinary.

Potpourri Sachet

Fill handkerchiefs with scented potpourri to keep dresser drawers and closets smelling fresh. Fill the centre of a handkerchief with a handful of potpourri and bring all four corners together in the centre. Twist and tie with a colourful ribbon to complete.

Hanky Doll

Make a lovable doll from a handkerchief using ribbon, cotton balls and fabric-safe paint. Place three cotton balls in the centre of the handkerchief. Twist to form the head of the doll and tie a colourful bow to secure. Paint on the facial features and hair.

Handkerchief Bunting

Use several colourful handkerchiefs to make celebratory bunting for a party or a child’s room. Fold the handkerchiefs in half to form triangles. Iron each to remove wrinkles. Tie all of the handkerchiefs, corner by corner, together in neat knots. You can add more or fewer handkerchiefs to reach the desired length.

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