Mosaic Ideas for Beginners

A mosaic is a craft project that uses many individual pieces to create a totally different picture or pattern. An example would be using different types of noodles to create a flower garden motif. You can use household items or inexpensive craft items to make simple mosaic projects for children and adults.

Flower Picture Frame Mosaic

A picture frame provides the framework for simple mosaics. Remove the glass and secure a solid backing to the frame. Attach lightweight material such as beads, buttons and noodles to the cardboard that comes with the frame. Place heavier items like tile, broken glass and rocks on a more sturdy backing, such as hardboard.

Create a flower using buttons. The colours of the buttons will make the design. It does not matter what the shape or size of the button is as long as it fits into the design. Place a coloured background behind the mosaic.

Designer Masks

Store-bought smooth masks that cover the eyes, part of the face or the entire face make an ideal base for a mosaic project. Cover the masks with sequins, beads, sticky foam shapes, seed beads and other items. Use Mardi Gras masks for inspiration. Place any of the mosaic items onto the masks in shapes or lines using white glue. Hot glue works also but should only be used by adults. Don't use hot glue on straight plastic masks.

Patterned Furniture

Use an old coffee table or small stand to create patterned furniture. Use tile, sea glass, polished glass and/or broken tile. An abstract design works the best for a first-time mosaic creator. Sand the top of the piece of furniture lightly and create shapes with the mosaic material. Flowers, squares, lines and letters are easy. Secure the mosaic with grout. Another alternative is placing a wood frame around the mosaic design and filling it with an epoxy finish to seal the design in place. The epoxy finish is self-levelling and will make the surface smooth and durable.

You can also make s mosaic on old furniture using family pictures. Arrange the pictures to create a family tree and glue them into place. Put a coat of d├ęcoupage on the surface to seal it.

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