Small ball games for kids

Written by kimberlee broaddus
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Small ball games for kids
Kids play fun games using small balls. (tennis balls image by timur1970 from

Kids play team games using small balls that encourage teamwork and group encouragement. Teachers and game leaders help kids organise outdoor small ball games that give kids a chance to reinforce ball-handling skills and have fun at the same time.

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Galaxy Ball

Galaxy ball can be played with small or large groups of kids. This game described on the FunAttic website is a fast-paced game where children begin by forming a large circle. The game leader chooses three to five to stand in the middle of the circle. The leader decides how many kids on the outside of the circle will hold a small ball. Students are reminded that when the balls are thrown, they must either roll the balls or throw them low to the ground. When the leader says “Go!” the students with balls throw them into the centre trying to hit one of those in the middle. If one is hit, he switches places with the thrower.

Mixed Up Bowling

Kids can use small balls and empty litre bottles to play mixed up bowling. In this game from the PBS Kids website, kids work in teams to try to knock down all of the opposing team’s “pins.” Groups are divided into two teams. Each team is given six litre bottles to set up in a bowling triangle. Team 1 lines up a distance away from Team 2’s pins. Team 2 lines up a distance away from Team 1’s pins. The first in each team’s line gets a small ball. When the leader blows a whistle, both teams “bowl.” If any pins are left standing, the first player gives the ball to the next bowler to try to knock down the rest of the pins. The first team to knock down all six “pins” gets one point. All litre bottles are set up again. Once all players have had a turn, the team with the highest score is the winner.

Stop That Ball

Stop that ball is a group game played outside. Leaders begin by collecting enough small balls so each child has two balls during the game. The group is divided into two teams. Each team is lined up 20 feet apart facing each other with a rope on the ground between the teams. When the leader says “Go,” she also rolls a beach ball down the centre. Players throw their small balls at the larger ball trying to get it to end up on the side of the opposing team. When all small balls have been thrown, the team who has managed to get the beach ball to end up on the opposite side gets a point. The first team to five points is declared the winner.

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