Ideas for Displaying Medals

Updated February 21, 2017

If you have earned medals or have a collection of different kinds of medals, then you may want to explore a few creative ways to display them. Medals can be displayed in a variety of ways -- including shadow box frames, glass-top coffee tables and display cases. Your first step is to pick out the medals that are most important to you. Perhaps you will not be able to display all of your medals, but you can find unique ways to preserve and showcase several favourites.

Shadow Boxes

Use shadow box display case frames -- which you can purchase at craft stores or home decor stores -- to display between one and three medals. Shadow box display case frames are similar to standard frames, except the former open from the top instead of from the back. You will arrange the medals in the fabric-lined box of the frame, secure them with pins, close the box, latch the box and hang it on your wall. Consider hanging three of these frames on a narrow wall in your house. You can hang them horizontally and side-by-side or vertically in a row.

Display Case Table

Purchase a coffee table or other decorative table that has a glass top that opens up like a display case or has a drawer you can pull out. These tables are excellent items to display collections of medals. Simply arrange your medals -- along with photographs and other mementos -- in the bottom of the display case. Guests who visit will be able to view your collection as they sit on your couch.

Medal Hanger

Purchase a personalised medal hanger. This hanger is made of metal and can feature the name of your friend. The gift recipient will install this hanger on a wall, and then slip medals that have ribbons -- such as marathon medals -- along the hanger's bottom bar. The gift recipient will be able to spread out a trio of medals or load up the hanger with many medals.

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