Crafts With Plastic Bleach Bottles

Written by ashley kurz
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Crafts With Plastic Bleach Bottles
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Crafts can be created out of almost anything. Some of the most attractive crafts are made from objects or materials that fall out of the traditional craft supply category. Sometimes recycled items, like empty bleach bottles, can be used to create some very inventive, interesting and even useful crafts.

Bleach Bottle Cat

Make a cat decoration for your window sill or a shelf in your home. Paint the bleach bottle with craft paint in any colour you like. Choose black if you want to create a Halloween decoration. Fill the bottom with sand or water to give it some weight and keep it in place. Cut out a cat's head out of construction paper and draw a cat face on it. Tape or glue it to the top of the bottle so that it covers the cap. Cut out a tail and two paws as well. Glue or tape the tail to the bottom of the bottle in the back and the paws to the bottom in the front.

Piggy Bank

Create a homemade piggy bank with an empty bleach bottle. Rinse it out thoroughly and let it dry completely before you begin. Cut a small slit with a utility knife (large enough to fit a half-dollar through) opposite the handle on the angled side of the bottle. Decorate the bottle with craft paints, stickers, or even contact paper. Consider adding your name or the reason for the savings (like "vacation fund") on the bottle with adhesive or hand painted lettering.

Ball Catcher

Create a scoop for catching balls in a made-up game or a child's version of lacrosse. The balls can be scooped up and flung with a scoop made of an empty bleach container. Cut the bottom off of the bleach bottle and cut a little further towards the top on the handle side of the bottle. Decorate it any way you like with stickers, paint or permanent markers. Leave the handle so you can use it to hold your scoop.

Bleach Bottle Musical Instrument

Create a group of percussion instruments out of bleach bottles. Decorate a few bleach bottles with any materials you like. Paint or draw designs on the bottle, tape pictures drawn on paper to it, or use contact paper to cover it. Place small items like marbles in one bottle, rice in another, several sheets of rolled-up sand paper in another, and water in another. Shake them together following different beats and listen to the differences in sounds.

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