Tiemco Fly Tying Tools

Written by anthony potenza | 13/05/2017
Tiemco Fly Tying Tools
An assortment of flies. (fly box image by Brett Bouwer from Fotolia.com)

Tiemco is a Japanese company that has been making fly fishing equipment since 1969. Best known for the design and quality of their fly hooks, Tiemco also produces a complete line of fly tying tools. The following are the essential Tiemco fly tying tools that can produce flies of any type and size.

Fly Tying Vise

The vice is the most important tool for tying artificial flies. Tiemco produces two types of vice, the TMC Step Vise and the TMC Vice II. The step vice is perfect for the beginner and average tyer. The Vice II is a more expensive rotary vice designed for the advanced and professional tyer.


Hooks are the second-most important tool for fly tying. Tiemco fly hooks are world-known for their design and styles that encompass all types of artificial flies for both salt and freshwater.


A bobbin is another essential tool. The Tiemco bobbin is a spring tension device that holds a spool of tying thread and allows a tyer to wind the thread around the hook to secure various parts of a fly.

Bobbin Threader

The Tiemco bobbin threader is a tool that allows the tying thread to be pulled through the bobbin tube.

Hackle Pliers

Hackle pliers allow a tyer to grasp the tip of a hackle feather and wind it around the head of the hook to create the impression of wings or legs of an insect. Tiemco makes spinning hackle pliers that make it easier to wind the hackle with one hand.

Dubbing Needle

The Tiemco dubbing needle is used to pick out and enlarge the dubbing fur that represents the body of an insect. It is also used to apply a drop of tying cement to the head of the fly to secure the thread.


No tying bench should be without a good pair of scissors. Tiemco makes the deer dresser scissors that will meet all fly tying needs.

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