Types of Blackberry Bushes

Written by carly reynolds | 13/05/2017
Types of Blackberry Bushes
There are many types of blackberry bushes that grow well in commercial and residential gardens. (blackberries image by Alison Bowden from Fotolia.com)

Blackberry bushes are grown commercially and residentially for the tasty fruits they yield. While this plant has a relatively long lifespan, the canes produced by the blackberry bush grow for only one season, making them primocanes. During the second season, these canes produce the berries, at which point they are referred to as floricanes. Once the berries have been harvested, the canes die. Some varieties of blackberry bushes feature thorns, while others are thornless.

Boysen Blackberries

Boysen blackberries are a type of trailing blackberry. This bush provides midseason blackberries that can be harvested from the middle of June to the middle of July. The soft berries produced by the Boysen bush are large and dark maroon. Typically, Boysen bushes are thorny, but there are some thornless varieties available. This heat-tolerant blackberry bush produces tasty berries that have excellent flavour.

Silvan Blackberries

Silvan blackberries are a type of trailing blackberry that are considered productive berry producers. This early to midseason bush features thorns, and can be harvested from June through July. The large berries have a medium firmness and are black. This tasty variety of blackberry can be damaged by hot weather.

Black Satin Blackberries

Black Satin bushes are erect. This midseason blackberry bush produces large berries that can be harvested from the middle of June through the middle of July. The berries produced by this thornless bush are large, shiny and black, and their tart flavour makes them good for processing. This bush, though hardy and vigorous, can fall victim to burning in hot climates.

Chester Blackberries

Chester blackberry bushes are erect and thornless. These bushes produce large, black, round, tart berries that are typically harvested from August to September. The berries are also firm and attractive, and normally processed because of their flavour. This vigorous bush grows well, but the fruit can be burnt in hot weather.

Shawnee Blackberries

Shawnee blackberry bushes are erect and produce midseason fruit that's harvested in June and July. The berries are quite large, and shiny black with medium firmness. This productive, vigorous bush is thorny and highly tolerant of hot weather.

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