Easy basketball drills for kids

Written by jeff todd
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Easy basketball drills for kids
Make basketball drills a fun experience for the child. (hit that ball image by Paul Moore from Fotolia.com)

Teaching youth basketball drills by letting the child have fun at the same time will make him want to practice. Most kids only want to shoot the ball and not pass, so make sure to explain the importance of playing team basketball. Praise a child when she performs a drill with the proper technique, and gently correct any mistakes. Maintain a positive attitude during the drills and the kids will enjoy learning how to play the game.


Teaching a child to dribble with only one hand at a time is an enjoyable drill. Have the team get into a single-file line behind the baseline. Instruct a child to dribble the length of the court using only his right hand, then have him turn around and dribble back using only his left hand. Time each player and make it a contest to see which one is the fastest dribbler.

Easy basketball drills for kids
Have the child work with each hand on dribbling technique. (street basketball image by .shock from Fotolia.com)


Shooting with the proper technique is one of the most difficult youth basketball skills to teach. A young child does not have the power to hold the ball above his head and then shoot it in the hoop, unless the goal is much lower than regulation height. If the child is playing on a normal court with a 10-foot goal, most shooting drills will need to be inside the foul line. Practice layups and short-range shots from both sides of the basket. Give each kid two points for a made shot and subtract a point for each miss. Tally up the score at the end of 10 shots to see which child is the most accurate shooter, then reward her with a team cheer.

Easy basketball drills for kids
Work on layups and short-range shooting. (take the shot image by Keith Frith from Fotolia.com)


Rebounding at the youth level is often a scrum for the ball after it hits the court. Just catching the ball as it falls from the hoop is a challenge for most small players. Teach a kid to try and rebound the ball by lightly tossing it up in the air. Have one player guard the rebounder with light intensity. If the ball slips through the rebounder's hands, have him shield the opponent with his body while he grabs the ball off the floor. Give each child two points for catching the ball, one point for retrieving it off the floor and no points for losing possession to the other player.

Easy basketball drills for kids
Show the child the importance of rebounding the ball. (basketball boy 5 image by Paul Moore from Fotolia.com)


A simple basketball training drill for passing will make the kids see the importance of sharing the ball. Have the team line up at the free-throw line in single file. Position one child under the basket as the shooter, then have a player from the line-up dribble the ball and throw a bounce pass to the shooter. If the shot is good, reward both players with two points. Keep track of the score all the way through the line-up to see which player combination is the best.

Easy basketball drills for kids
Teach a child to share the basketball. (basketball boy 2 image by Paul Moore from Fotolia.com)

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