School counselor job interview questions & answers

Updated February 21, 2017

School counsellors take on a number of duties, including helping children achieve academically and develop socially. Because of the important role of the school counsellor, interviews are particularly intense and may last several rounds. Consequently, those seeking a job as a school counsellor must prepare extensively for a job interview. Part of this preparation includes examining common interview questions and formulating responses.

What experiences have you had that make you feel capable of being a counsellor?

This common interview question is a perfect example of why you should read over your resume and think about your previous experiences before the interview. You may be asked to draw an experience from a job that you had 10 years ago. This can be difficult to do on the spot if you have not reviewed your resume before the interview. To adequately prepare for this question, go through your resume and make a list of challenges and accomplishments for each job listed. Then, when asked what experiences you have had that make you feel capable of being a counsellor, you can answer with specific and well-thought-out examples.

What would you do if a student told you she was touched inappropriately by a teacher?

Don't be surprised if you are asked hypothetical questions during an interview for a school counsellor position. The interviewer wants to see how you would handle real issues that may come up while on the job. The trick to answering a hypothetical is to show that you are engaging in the proper thought process. Do not quickly rattle off a short answer. Show the interviewer that you are capable of considering the issue from all angles and forming a well-reasoned response.

Tell me about a problem you had with an old colleague.

A school counsellor needs to be able to get along with a host of people: parents, students, teachers, principals, board members and others. If asked about conflicts you may have had with past colleagues, you will want to stress how you handled the conflict maturely and with respect for all the people involved in the conflict. The interviewer wants to know that you are capable of getting along with other members of the school community and maturely handling any conflicts that may arise.

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