Fun games for adults to play on a long car ride

Written by alan kirk
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Fun games for adults to play on a long car ride
Even adults can play games to pass the time during a long car trip. (yellow car, a honda Japanese sport car model image by alma_sacra from

There are a variety of different games children play when on long car trips. Adults can take these classic travel games and adjust them to increase the difficulty level, making them appropriate for adults. They can range from games of skill to games of luck. The driver should limit her involvement, as these games could prove distracting.

Car Bingo

Create bingo boards for each of the adults in the car using dry erase boards. Some spots should be labelled with car manufacturers, and others with models of cars. During the ride, when an adult spots a car made by one of the manufacturers on his game board, or one of the car models, he places an x on it. The game continues until one player has bingo, which is 5 Xs in a row vertically, horizontally or diagonally. Another version is to play until one player has covered her entire game board.

Scavenger Hunt Cards

Scavenger Hunt cards can be created for your long car ride. These should include different items that you might find along your travel route. Examples could include yield signs or stop signs. They can also include businesses, such as Chevron or McDonald's. Write point values on each card based on its difficulty. A low point card, for example, could require the player to find a toll booth. A higher point card could be one that requires the player to find a road sign showing the names of at least 5 hotels. Point values should range from one to 25 points. When a player finds the item on her card, she receives the designated points and draws another card from the top card of the deck. The deck should include at least 50 cards. The game ends when you run out of cards or the trip ends, whichever comes first.

Number Plate Game

Search for number plates on your trip. Assign point values to each plate based on how difficult you think they are to find. Number plates for the state in which you are travelling or neighbouring states should be worth one point. Number plates for cars 2 or 3 states away are worth 3 points, and number plates farther away are worth 5 points. If you are travelling at least 5 states away from the Canadian border, award 10 points for Canadian number plates. Special bonuses can be awarded for number plates that say "diplomat;" make them worth 25 points.

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