Brick Fireplace Makeover Ideas

Written by lane cummings | 13/05/2017
Brick Fireplace Makeover Ideas
A brick fireplace is solid, classic and often very dated. (fireplace with iron lattice image by Nikolay Okhitin from

Brick fireplaces are solid, classic and often very dated. A brick fireplace can add to the old-fashioned charm of a room or interfere with the sleekness of style of a contemporary room. Just because your fireplace is made out of brick doesn't mean you're stuck with its style or lack of style. You can employ simple renovation strategies to make over a brick fireplace.


Painting a brick fireplace is perhaps the easiest and most basic way to give it a new look. What's more is you don't need to hire a professional to paint it. In an afternoon, you can singlehandedly change the look of your fireplace and most likely the entire room. White is the most successful paint colour to paint over the fireplace. It gives the texture of all the bricks jutting out a clean, whitewashed appearance. At the same time, it doesn't bring attention to the fact that you've just painted over brick the way other darker colours like blue or green might. If you absolutely cannot stand white, stick with lighter colours, such as pale yellow or cream.

Contemporary Looks

Refacing a brick fireplace is another less complex option, though unlike painting, unless you're very handy, you ought to seek the help of a professional. The professional will most likely install board on top of the brick, and you can add your choice of tiles. For a sleek, contemporary look, slate tiles or marble tiles are suitable. They often come in large 12-inch squares and don't show grout lines for an immaculate, smooth appearance. These tiles look best with a minimalistic wood mantle, with sharp tailored lines and neutral colours that match the marble or slate.

Antique Looks

You might prefer an antique or country style to your room, in which case the brick fireplace might go rather well with your decor scheme. At the same time, it's possible that you are simply tired of the red brick and want something a bit more distinctive, yet old fashioned at the same time. Consider refacing the fireplace with grey river rocks. These neutral-coloured stones won't dominate and overwhelm a room the way a red brick fireplace will. Furthermore, river rocks have a strong, earth appeal. Alternatively, if you have a room filled with charming antiques, consider installing antique replica ceramic tiles to give your fireplace an eye-catching appearance as if it were a shiny jewel. For example, cover it with blue porcelain tiles or deep emerald tiles so that the fireplace adds sophistication to the room instead of just blending well with the surroundings.

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