Cheap skirting ideas for mobile homes

Mobile-home skirting is the material that hangs down from the bottom edge of the mobile home to the ground. This is used as a safety measure to prevent unwanted animals from living under the house, and also for aesthetic purposes.


Aluminium is one of the cheapest materials that can be used for mobile-home skirting. Aluminium skirting is available from any mobile-home supply shop, is easy to install and will last for years. Aluminium is not the best-looking skirting, but some companies make aluminium siding that's coloured and more attractive than simply having silver sheets of metal nailed to the bottom of the mobile home. These modifications, however, drive up the price of the skirting.


Vinyl is popular because it's versatile, comes in many colours and lasts for many years if cared for. Vinyl also comes in several textures to mimic almost any other skirting style, including wood and rock.


Lattice skirting doesn't provide the complete protection that some other types of skirting provide, but it's easy to install. Lattice can be purchased from any home supply shop and will block most large animals from crawling under the home. Lattice also provides air circulation to prevent the build-up of stagnant water, which can provide a home for insects and cause mould damage to the home.

Breeze blocks

Breeze blocks are more of a temporary measure for skirting because they can't attach to the mobile home, and will fall over when pushed. Breeze blocks can be useful, though, whenever skirting is necessary to comply with caravan park regulations. Wood, aluminium, vinyl and cement are all approved skirting materials.


As an extremely temporary skirting method, or as a skirting method in combination with another style of skirting, plastic sheets can be used. Flexible plastic or hard plastic work equally well, but flexible plastic is cheaper and easier to get a hold of. Plastic can be nailed or stapled to the sides of the mobile home in case of a storm or other emergency.


Plywood sheets offer another temporary solution to a skirting problem. Plywood will eventually become waterlogged and rot, which makes it a poor choice for a long-term solution, but plywood is cheap and provides protection from animals, wind and rain.

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