Garden pond deck ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

If you're thinking of building a garden pond with a deck, you can add a unique feature to your outdoor space and create the look you want in a number of ways. The key to deck building is planning ahead, and this is especially true of decks around water features.

Build A Deck Over The Pond

If you're searching for a classic deck garden pond, build a raised deck over a pond in the middle of your garden. You can build a deck over an existing pond or install a new one. The way your deck and garden pond fit together depends on you. You can have your deck surround your garden pond entirely, or you can have the deck curve around three or fewer sides of the pond. If you want to plant water plants along the edge of your garden pond, place a deck off to one side of the pond.

Put A Pond On Your Deck

If your deck is already built but you want to add a pond as a water feature, install a pond on top of your deck. You can create a small pond to sit in a small space on your deck, or you can get a bit grander if you have the space. Create a large pond on top of your deck using a plastic pond kit. You can purchase one at your local home improvement store. Then, build a surround for your pond and cover it with wood or tile to create a tub-like effect for your pond. You can add a container garden or other plants all around to make an outdoor garden in a small space.

Create a Transition

If your deck is close to the ground or is small for the space you've got, create a transitional deck that flows into your garden. Purchase stone, tile or brick, and build a patio off of your deck. Place a basic pond in the middle or off to the side of your new garden patio. To create a more transitional look, have the patio connect to the deck by a single stair or hill that makes the deck and patio run together to create a solid outdoor space.

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