Benefits of Acacia Powder

Written by cole quirk | 13/05/2017
Benefits of Acacia Powder
Acacia powder comes from the bark of the Acacia tree. (acacia et vautours image by Jj from

Acacia powder, also known as gum acacia, is a popular dietary supplement you can buy online, at health food and grocery stores or pharmacies. The tasteless, colourless and odourless powder is made from the ground bark of the acacia tree, which grows around the world. Acacia powder has many medicinal benefits that you can take advantage of by drinking the powder mixed with water or adding it to food.

Pain Soothing

Acacia powder heals minor inflammation and skin rashes. Rub the power on the skin with water, and it forms a demulcent, or thin film over the irritation, temporarily reducing pain. A popular brand of acacia powder is Heather's. You can buy it online, at a grocery store or a pharmacy. It soothes the internal pain from cramps caused by Irritable Bowel Syndrome.


Acacia powder prevents fermenting in the colon, which can help prevent colon cancer. It strengthens the intestine's muscle and mucus layer without irritation, preventing Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It can also help prevent high cholesterol levels in some cases.


Acacia powder is rich in fibre, which reduces gas and bloating. Increased levels of fibre and healthy digestive bacteria can help contain Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Acacia powder does not contain living healthy bacteria, but promotes their natural growth inside the body. Healthy bacteria also prevent colon cancer, as well as constipation and diarrhoea. A diet rich in fibre fights heart disease and diabetes.

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