Ideas for Flower Arrangements With Golf Balls

Written by katie eyles | 13/05/2017
Ideas for Flower Arrangements With Golf Balls
Someone you know might appreciate a flower arrangement made with golf balls. (Golf Walk image by Kathy D from

In 2007, 29.5 million people in the United States played golf. The number dropped by about 3 per cent in 2008 as a result of the poor economy, but there were still 1.7 newcomers to golf that year. With that many people playing golf, it is likely that you know someone who would appreciate a flower arrangement made with golf balls. These arrangements can be cheerful, stylish or just plain wacky.


If you know a golfer who is down on her luck, send her an arrangement of daisies and golf balls. Begin by selecting some bright Gerber daisies of different colours. Pick up a clear vase and some coloured golf balls, matching the balls as closely as possible to the Gerber daisies. Take the balls and arrange them in the clear vase, making sure the colours are mixed, like a gumball machine. Take the Gerber daisies and arrange them with the stems sticking in the golf balls. Add water and a brightly coloured bow.

Yellow and white daisies work just as well as Gerber daisies. Get white and yellow golf balls. Either use white daisies or mix white and yellow flowers. Arrange the balls, alternating white and yellow, and stick a big yellow bow on the arrangement.


If you want to make a stylish arrangement, begin by getting a tall, sturdy vase. Get a hot glue gun or a strong adhesive. Attach black golf balls to the outside of the vase, covering the vase entirely. Let dry. Add white lilies, white tulips, cherry blossoms or callas lilies.

Another choice is to take a white platter and glue a small cup, about the height of a golf ball, to the centre. Glue white golf balls on the platter. Let it dry. Place oasis in the bottom of the cup, and then place several orchids trailing out of the cup across the platter.

Just Plain Whacky

Make an arrangement just to get a laugh. Get a lily pad and a clear bell-shaped vase. Place four personalised golf balls with the recipients name on them on the bottom of the vase, and put a ceramic alligator on top of them. Fill the vase with water and place a single lily pad on top. You may even want to put fish in the water, just for fun.

Another fun arrangement is to get an old driver and detach the head from the rod. Take a platter and glue the driver to the platter. Arrange shot glasses around the platter and glue them down. Dig up some clumps of weed and grass from your yard or garden. Arrange grass and weeds in clumps around the patter (hiding the shot glasses). Take small daisies, cut the stems short and stick them in the shot glasses. Fill the shot glasses with water. Attach a personalised ball with the recipient's name right next to the driver.

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