Products to Remove Scratches on Glass Cook Tops

Written by mason howard | 13/05/2017
Products to Remove Scratches on Glass Cook Tops
Maintain the appearance of your kitchen by removing hob scratches. (kitchen image by Rich Johnson from

Stoves with glass hobs are revered for their slick, contemporary look and because they are simple to clean. Glass hobs are delicate, however, and are easily scratched by things like abrasive cleaning pads and the bottoms of heavy pots and pans. Various products are available to help you restore your scratched glass hob to its former glory.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is used to fill and smooth shallow scratches. Add water until a thick paste is created. Rub the paste over the scratches gently with a soft cloth using circular motions. Buff the area with a clean, soft cloth.

Clear Nail Polish

It is possible to fill scratches with clear nail polish if you work swiftly. Paint nail polish over a scratch, and wipe it away immediately so that all that is left behind is the polish inside the scratch. Once the polish is dry, polish the hob with glass polish.

Gun Polish

Precision polish for firearm metal is highly effective at eliminating scratches from a hob. Simply buff the polish over the hob using a buffing pad or soft cloth, working in circular motions.

Windshield Scratch Repair Kit

Windshield scratch repair kits come with everything needed to polish scratches out of your hob, including a glass polishing compound and a buffing bit attached to an electric drill.

Diamond Spray

Diamond spray an alcohol solution with fine diamond particles. It is best to mask off the scratched area when spraying this product and to buff it using an electric glass polisher.

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