Government Grants for a Recycling Business

Updated April 17, 2017

Government grants can be a rich source of additional business investment and development income. Grants are typically available for things that the granting organisation deems vital given current trends. Since recycling and reuse is a must to keep our environment healthy and secure our future--and because legislation requiring specific recycling processes continues to expand--this area is ripe with potential grant opportunities. (See References 1, 2) The Federal Grant Resource

No matter what your business, should be your first stop when researching potential federal grants. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services manages this federal site. It lists all federal grant opportunities and allows visitors to apply online. You can search by keyword, funding opportunity number or Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) numbers, if known. Download the free "Search Grant Opportunities" guide to learn how to conduct an effective search. In 2010, energy training partnership grants, greenhouse gas mitigation grants, water efficiency grants and many others were available. New opportunities are added weekly. The site also provides resources to help applicants write and present the best possible application. Sign up for weekly e-mail updates to conveniently keep up-to-date. Visit for more information. (See References 1, Resources 1)

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

The Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, manages multiple recycling initiatives and resources. It offers a specific web page that lists various types of business assistance available for recycling market development. Service providers, business directories, market studies, business planning advice, recycling technology validation projects, tax incentives, technology transfer agencies and other resources are all available here. The free "Why and How to Start a Recycling-Based Manufacturing Enterprise" download in the Business Planning section may be especially helpful to new and existing businesses looking for financing opportunities. To see current grant opportunities, search for "grant" within the "Recycling" section of the site. In 2010, links to grants funding for scrap tire management, solid waste management for Native Americans, solid waste grant preparation education for Alaskans and many others were available. Check with the EPA for the latest information. (See References 3, Resources 2)

U.S. State Grants

Many U.S. states offer grant and other funding opportunities for recycling business in their state. Since these vary by state and change often, check with your state government to review current opportunities. Most states support recycling businesses through their departments of natural resources or their health and human services departments. In addition to checking with these organisations, try a search for "grant" on the Campaign for Recycling website at This non-profit watchdog organisation is a great resource for all things recycling, including grant news and current legislative requirements by state. A recent search uncovered recycling bin grants for schools, non-profits and business offices from the Recycling Association of Minnesota, West Virgina recycling grants and a corporate sponsored bin grant program. Visit the site for current details. (See References 2)

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