The duties of a nursery nurse

A nursery nurse is a United Kingdom job role. Similar childcare positions in the United States include kindergarten teachers and day care workers. Some nursery nurseries are employed in private homes to tend to a child's educational and development needs. A nursery nurse does not need a university degree to gain employment. However, she can gain study for a diploma in Nursery Nursing from the National Nurse Examination Board (NNEB). According to the Salary Track website, the average salary of a U.K. nursery nurse as of April 2010 was fourteen thousand British pounds (around £13,650 U.S.).

Development Role

A nursery nurse assists qualified teachers with daily childcare and administrative duties in schools and infant nurseries. She is assigned to help educate children and to overlook their social development. A nursery nurse teaches class groups by reading stories, coordinating play activities and overseeing children in activities such as painting, drawing and writing. She aims to sustain an open, supportive environment so that children feel free to learn, engage in activities with other children and pursue their creative impulses

Support Role

In addition to class teaching methods, a nursery nurse may give special attention to new children. She ensures they integrate into the classroom by engaging in play and learning without feeling threatened. According to, a nursery nurse also give dedicated support to "key children". Key children may suffer from learning difficulties, ADD (attention deficit disorder) or a history of bad behaviour in the classroom. The institute employing the nursery nurse will indicate which children need specialist support and may ask for reports on their progress.

Liaison Role

A nursery nurse is expected to maintain good relations with the parents of children as she may be required to attend parent/teacher meetings to update parents on their child's progress. A nursery nurse also documents daily play activities and learning modules. She may have to provide these records to the school when requested to ensure they fall within the policies and educational guidelines of the school.

Health and Safety

When employed to look after very young children, a nursery nurse is usually responsible for washing and feeding them at set daily intervals. A nursery nurse is also expected to look after a child in the event of an accident and contact the emergency services where required. She also ensures that a child's property is stored securely and that premises are locked at the end of a school day.

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