Cool Dremel Projects

Written by mike southern | 13/05/2017
Cool Dremel Projects
You can even carve an eggshell using a Dremel tool. (artist eggshell image by robert mobley from

The Dremel Company makes a variety of tools, but their rotary tool revolutionised the craft industry by putting a powerful and versatile craft tool within the budget of most hobbyists. In addition, Dremel continued to develop attachments that further increased the tool's capabilities. The Dremel tool is no longer just a hobbyist's or woodworker's tool. The variety of projects you can tackle using a Dremel tool is truly amazing.

Home Maintenance

Dremel makes accessories that allow you to remove old grout from tiles, cut through nails and old piping, cut mortises for door latches, or cut holes in drywall for electrical boxes. You can even cut new slots in worn screws so you can remove them.

Furniture Repair

You can make many furniture repairs with a Dremel tool---for example, sanding attachments make it easy to clean out loose joints for regluing. You can even tackle a complete refinishing job by using some of the larger tools.


You can make all kinds of etched pieces---whether you use stones, glass, or metallic items---using a Dremel tool and a diamond drill bit. The tool is light enough that you can do fine detail work without difficulty.


A rotary tool like the Dremel tool is perfect for any sort of drilling task. Many gameboards, like those used for scoring Cribbage games or for solitaire peg games, are basically a series of holes placed in a special arrangement. These are also good crafts for teaching children how to use tools.

Candle Carving

The speed control available on Dremel tools makes them perfect for engraving soft materials like wax candles, where too much speed creates heat that will cause the project to melt.

Christmas Decorations

Christmas decorations are so small and so delicate that carving can be extremely difficult. Dremel makes power-take-off attachments for their tool that allow you to use it without holding the bulky tool itself. This way, the tool does not obstruct your vision of the small details.

Gourd Birdhouse

Dried gourds are popular for making birdhouses, but they provide special challenges since they are very fragile. The speed control available on a Dremel tool allows you to be gentle with them and yet work with them as you wish.

Egg Carvings

If ever there was a project that proved the abilities of the Dremel tool, it is its ability to carve eggshells. Using its flex shaft attachment, combined with sharp bits and speed control, a hobbyist can turn an eggshell into a work of art.

Pumpkin Carving

Unlike many hobby tools, a Dremel tool can even work with organic materials like pumpkins. Using special cutters and shapers, you can turn a pumpkin into a work of art.

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