Kitchen Banquette Ideas

Banquette literally means upholstered bench. These upholstered benches are often found in kitchen nooks. They're cosy, create family seating space in the kitchen and often double as convenient hidden storage.

Traditional Corner Banquette

The corner banquette is the most commonly installed banquette because it fits neatly into kitchen nook corners. Both free-standing and wall-mounted banquette benches work with this banquette style. Include either a square table that will create uniformity with the square bench, or a round table for a more country eclectic appeal. Add two free-standing chairs opposite from the bench to complete the seating arrangement.

Church Pews

For something more rustic and unique, church pews make ideal banquette seating. Pews are simple to find in antique shops, from wood workers or at church sales, but often require refinishing. While this style of banquette seating will not work in ultra-modern homes, it will work with nearly every other home decor style. Couple versatile and comfortable pew benches with a wooden table of the same stain and wooden chairs in a similar style.

1950s Diner

The diner-style banquette is ideal for retro kitchens and creates a funky throwback look in kitchen nook spaces. This look is created by red leather or vinyl upholstered benches, coupled with a white Formica or glass-top diner table. Add two or three red upholstered, steel-frame diner chairs to complete the retro look. Hang red valances on windows behind the 1950s style banquette or place shelves behind the banquette and decorate with retro diner-style antique dishes.

Banquette Booth

Create a restaurant-style booth in the kitchen with a double bench or circular banquette. When creating a rectangular banquette both, position two covered benches of equivalent length facing one another on either side of a rectangular table in the kitchen nook space. In larger nooks, where more space is available, create a round banquette booth with a round table and circular upholstered banquette bench.


Thanks to their bench features, banquettes are ideal storage spaces. Install hinged tops on banquette benches and store china, tablecloths, linens, towels, blankets, pillows or pots and pans in the kitchen banquette. While this storage solution is workable for most banquette styles, pew banquettes are not adequate for storage because of their open-air underside. Do not store chemicals in the banquette bench as the banquette is used for eating.

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