Materials to build a shed

Updated February 21, 2017

Building a shed is an excellent weekend project for any homeowner. Sheds provide ready storage, especially for lawn and garden supplies. They are a simple construction project that only requires basic building skills. Building a shed is largely a matter of having the proper materials, know how and maybe a couple of friends to help out. The process is easier if you take a moment ahead of time to get an idea of what you will need in order to complete it.

Basic tools

Having a standard set of tools is required for any building project. Building a shed is no different. A hammer and nails will definitely be required, as well as a tape measure. You will also require some form of saw for cutting boards. An old fashioned hand saw will be sufficient, but using an electric circular saw makes the work much faster and easier. You will also want to make sure you have a sufficient amount of paint, rollers and brushes so that you can beautify the exterior of the shed when it is complete.


Most sheds are constructed from wood, the same as homes and other structures. There are two basic types of wood that you will need when building your shed. You will require a large number of 2x4 inch (5x10 cm) studs, which is the standard board used for all framing needs. These boards will be used to build the frame for the floor, walls and roof.

In addition to framing studs, you will require larger pieces of lumber to cover the surface area. Standard sheets of plywood are most commonly used for all surfaces. Particle board is a less expensive option. Particle board comes in large sheets, similar to plywood. The difference is that plywood is a single piece of wood, while particle board is made of lots of small wood ships glued together. Either makes an adequate covering for all shed surfaces.

Roofing supplies

Having a good quality roof will increase the life of your shed and protect the items stored inside. You will need tar paper, roofing shingles and tacks. Measure the surface area of your roof so that the lumber yard or home improvement centre can help you calculate how much material you need.

Doors and windows

Doors are a necessary part of any shed. Windows are not necessarily required, but many people like to include them so that they have a way to ventilate the building and to let natural sunlight in. Used doors and windows are perfectly suitable for use in any shed, and make a great way to reuse materials that would otherwise be discarded.


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