Rules for the Church Choir

Updated February 21, 2017

Rules for the church choir can vary depending upon the style and location of a particular congregation. However most musical directors will agree that there are basic tenants of choir rehearsal and performance that are worth adhering to. You'll find this structure in most successful choirs, keeping participants committed, united and on the same page through all stages of the choir experience.

Attendance and Punctuality

One of the rules for the church choir which must be upheld for success is attendance and punctuality. It is vital that choir members make a habit of attending rehearsal regularly and try to always be on time. Encourage your choir to value their commitment to the group by being present at all rehearsals in a timely manner so you can maximise your practice time and refine your songs.


For a choir rehearsing in a church, modest dress is essential. A rule of modesty will ensure participants wear appropriate clothing to rehearsals that will not be distracting to other choir members. Having mandatory choir robes for performances, or an agreement of some sort in regards to uniform dress, will help with any modesty issues.

Morals and Standards

A final, and probably most important, rule for a church choir is a moral code of high ethic standards. Everyone should be on the same page spiritually, and enforcing personal standards for each choir member will lead to better unity and collective achievement.

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