Hot Tub Enclosure Ideas

Updated November 21, 2016

Enclosing your hot tub enhances your privacy so you can use it as a romantic getaway with your husband or a social gathering place with your friends. Hot tub enclosures are available in a wide array of designs and materials to suit a range of budgets. Consider other purposes, in addition to privacy, that you want the enclosure to serve before selecting an appropriate enclosure.

Glass-Alternative Enclosure

A glass-alternative enclosure is a permanent solution, which allows you to enjoy the hot tub no matter the season or weather conditions. The entire structure is made from light transmitting polycarbonate that helps to store the sun's heat inside the enclosure. This type of enclosure is fitted with an opening roof so you can open it when you want to let in fresh air. A glass-alternative enclosure is customisable so it encompasses your hot tub in a free-standing location or attaches to your home for a hot tub that is situated next to your house's exterior wall.

Privacy Foliage

Add privacy landscaping such as a privet hedge around the perimeter of the hot tub to create a natural enclosure. This type of enclosure does not provide a barrier to the elements, but supplies an almost solid visual obstruction. The advantage to using a privet hedge over other tall bushes or small trees is the denseness and lack of large leaf debris, which can cloud hot tub water and clog the filters.


A wood fence is simple to construct and erect around a hot tub to enhance privacy. Create a fence with wood slats that are flush against each other in a parallel fashion. This design prevents onlookers from seeing through any part of the fence. Because the fence will encompass the hot tub, consider using a resin or composite material that is more resistant to water than natural wood. Some resin and composite fencing materials are made to look like wood so you can achieve the wooden look you want without the high maintenance.


Building a sunroom around a hot tub provides an abundance of benefits, including protection from the sun, rain and bugs. Sunrooms are not just suitable as an attachment to your home. You can construct one in the middle of your backyard. Use sheets of screen in place of solid walls to allow air to flow through while keeping the bugs out. Screens do not provide a large amount of privacy because you can see through them, so incorporate window shades around the room to draw when you want to block out peering neighbours.

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