Kids Solar System Projects to Make at Home

Updated July 20, 2017

Children usually have to create a solar system model for school. While this is a project often done at school, sometimes, it is assigned as homework, requiring parental involvement.

There are many creative ways to represent the solar system, and many of these ideas can be altered to suit any age level and degree of accuracy.

Clothes Hanger Solar System

This solar system project, presented by, is geared toward younger students, as it is a basic solar system display that does not take into consideration the planets' distance apart.

Planets and the sun are created either by using foam balls or poster board. If using foam balls, colour balls with markers or paints to make the balls represent the planets accurately. If using poster board, cut out pictures of each planet, glue the picture onto the poster board, and cut out the planets. Punch a hole in the top of each cardboard planet or stick a wooden skewer through each foam ball to create a hole. String fishing line through each planet, and tie each planet around the bottom of a clothes hanger. Tie the sun to one end and proceed to tie each planet in its correct sequence from the sun.

Clay Solar System provides a solar system project that is an easy way of presenting a not-so-typical solar system.

Create each planet and the sun out of a different modelling clay colour, or combination of colours. Lay a large illustration board flat. On the board, plot each planet from the sun. You can plot them merely by their order from the sun or create a scale to accurately represent the distance between each planet and the sun. Glue each clay ball to their designated place on the board or mould the bottom of each clay piece to the board.

Solar System Mobile

To create a traditional solar system mobile, follow this project on

Begin with a round piece of cardboard about 1 foot in diameter. Using a pencil and ruler, draw a line from top to bottom, and a line from left to right. Where these two lines meet is the centre, which will be the spot from which the sun hangs. Use a compass to draw circles around the centre of the cardboard to represent each planet. Use a hole punch to make a hole in each orbit where you want the planet to hang. Either make your own planets or cut out a picture of each planet to hang. Tape a piece of string to each planet and lace the other end of the string through the respective hole, taping the end to the cardboard's top.

Hang the model by taping string to edges of the cardboard and tying all three to one long piece of string. The long single string is the one from which you can hang your model.

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