Primary PE Games

Written by gerri blanc | 13/05/2017
Primary PE Games
Get your primary students exercising while they have fun playing games. (Run image by Emil Maga from

Physical education in primary school helps students to burn calories, gain muscle and learn how to stay healthy through exercise. Though PE has many benefits for the students, they may dread some of the more challenging physical activities. Supplement the more aggressive exercises by allowing the students to play some engaging PE games.


Begin the game by picking one student to become the Blob. Tell all of the other players to scatter while the Blob counts to 10. Once she's done counting, the Blob runs around attempting to tag as many players as she can. If a player gets tagged, he becomes part of the Blob and links hands with the other Blob members. The game continues until only one player--the winner--remains in the game, having avoided the Blob longer than any other player in the game.

British Bulldog

Begin the game by picking two people out of the group of students to stand in the middle of the play area. Line up the rest of the group horizontally on one of the sides. The game begins when you say "Go." The students on the side rush past the kids in the middle to get to the opposite side of the play area. The students in the middle try and catch players rushing past and hoist them into the air long enough to shout out "British Bulldog." If a player gets picked up for the right amount of time, he then becomes part of the middle. Continue the game with as many rounds as it takes until only one player remains on the sidelines, having avoided getting picked up by the people in the middle.

Annie Annie Over

Prepare for this game by bringing a sheet or blanket to class with you. Drape the sheet over the middle of a volleyball net, or simply hang it on either side from two poles. Divide the group into two teams and have the teams split up on either side of the blanket. Hand one team a bouncy ball. At a random moment, that team (Team A) throws the ball over the blanket to their opponents (Team B). Team B attempts to catch the ball before it hits the ground. If successful, Team B rushes to Team A's side to tag their opponents while Team A races to the other side of the blanket to avoid getting tagged. If anyone gets tagged by the opposing team, they join that team. If unsuccessful at catching the ball, Team B simply throws the ball back over to Team A. This process continues until all of the players but one belong to one team.

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