Bakery assistant duties

Updated July 19, 2017

Few jobs offer the chance to smell fresh bread baking in the oven or the opportunity to work with sugary doughnuts and pastries all day long. If that sounds appealing, a bakery assistant job might be just right for you. That's not to say bakery work isn't hard. You'll be busy, you'll have many duties and it can be challenging.


There are many skills that will help you succeed in a bake shop. You must be enthusiastic about food and food preparation and about working with people. An ability and willingness to learn multiple tasks are key. You should be prepared to lift heavy sacks of flour and complete other physically demanding tasks involving bakery shop inventory and machinery. You need to be able to tolerate working in hot temperatures. You should be willing to operate machinery. You will need to be able to stand and walk for long periods. You must be willing to work odd hours. And you must be willing to perform cleanup. While not mandatory, you could obtain a Certified Journey Baker degree through the Retail Bakers of America to help land a job as an assistant.


Maintaining the cleanliness of the bakery is an important part of your job, as you work to present an appealing display for customers. You will also need to ensure compliance with all food safety standards, be it food handling or the machinery. regarding. You will need to assist the baking team in making sure all tools, trays, utensils and machinery are clean and ready for the baking process.

Inventory Work

As a bakery helper, you may organise product loads and assist in ordering and inventory control. You will work with stock to make sure it's up-to-date and ready for the bakers. You will be responsible for making sure the displays are fresh and appealing. You will need to make sure all signs and prices are correct.

Customer Service

As a bakery shop assistant, you may come in contact with customers. You'll be expected to make sure they are treated quickly and with care. You will need to know the inventory so that you can properly guide customers and sell goods. You might need to understand how to weigh, price and package goods, such as cookies that are sold by the pound. You should be willing and able to answer the phone with excellent etiquette.

Team Player

As an assistant, you'll need to be a team player, willing to perform any duty asked of you. You need to be flexible, able to prioritise and perform many tasks and switch gears as needed. A desire to advance will impress your bosses, and you'll likely be given the chance to learn more and do more.

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