Good Careers for Introverts

Updated April 17, 2017

The career choices we make are deeply influenced by our personality characteristics as well as our interests and passions in life. A career path that fits with a person's innate personality will bring more satisfaction. Introverts are typically reserved people who often prefer to spend time by themselves rather than in others' company. Certain career options are considered best for those with this kind of personality.

Copywriting and Designing

Copywriting involves a lot of desk sitting and trying to come up with creative copy that attracts attention, keeps readers interested and provides information in succinct form. To fill copywriting positions, companies usually look for people who are not too keen on social interaction and can spend hours thinking, contemplating and drafting content for ads or promotional material. An introvert typically fits this bill perfectly. An introvert who has a way with words can often find contentment as a copywriter.

Another option is the diverse field of designing, where you create advertisements, videos and animations without much social interaction or distractions from others. An introverted personality can enjoy working on such projects.


Analysis is another career option that requires minimal contact with others, offering jobs that introverts are comfortable doing. These fields include financial analysis, media analysis, market research or business analysis. Whatever the field, a career as an analyst requires an analytical bent of mind, research and statistical skills, an understanding of finance or economics, good concentration and the ability to focus. This field can be financially rewarding as well.


Accounting requires a number of qualifications, including the ability to crunch numbers, problem-solving skills and dealing with challenging problems. Studies have shown that introverts generally have excellent problem-solving and analytical skills. A career in accounting and finance can be appropriate for this personality type.


Engineering is another field that relies on strong problem-solving abilities and sound technical knowledge. Because introverts are known to have a strongly analytical bent of mind, they are suited for careers in software engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering or any other branch of engineering that fits their aptitude.

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