Outdoor bar design ideas

Updated November 21, 2016

Outdoor bars provide a fun entertaining area as well as a private retreat for the homeowner. Designing an outdoor bar is quite simple because it can take on any design concept or theme you want. You can even replicate the concept of your favourite indoor bar by applying some of the main elements to your outdoor space.

Tropical Getaway

Outdoor bars are standard at most tropical resorts because the weather in these vacation spots is always warm. Recreating the tropical theme in your backyard will provide you with a private getaway that costs much less than visiting a resort. Incorporating the details that are key to a tropical bar is more important than replicating your favourite destination bar perfectly. For instance, you can start with any bar base you want, and cover it with bamboo sticks. Most outdoor bars have roofs because they must shield their guests from both sun and rain; therefore, constructing a simple roof and lining it with bamboo sticks or large palm leaves adds to the tropical appeal. Flaming torches around the bar mimic the night scene of outdoor vacation bars. One of the final and most important elements of a tropical-theme bar is the beverages. Serving fruity, blended drinks garnished with bright pieces of fruit and a small paper umbrella will trick your guests into thinking they are oceanside in the Bahamas.

Irish Pub Style

Irish pub style bars are common throughout the United States. Although this themed bar is mostly found indoors, you can be among the few to apply the theme to an outdoor space. The Irish pub style incorporates richly coloured woods, bricks and an occasional green decoration such as clover. Constructing a wood or wood-and-brick bar with wooden stools is an easy way to bring this style to life.

Chef Lover's Bar

Outdoor bars are not just for serving beverages; they are also ideal for cooking and serving delicious meals. Including a grill, stone oven, refrigerator and dual sinks in an outdoor bar design enables you to cater to your guests completely. This bar design eliminates any trips you would typically make inside your home to retrieve food and beverage items. You can prepare, cook, serve and enjoy a meal outdoors with a chef lover's bar.

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