The best dog breeds for working long hours

Updated November 21, 2016

Some dogs make better pets for owners who work longer hours. Owners who are away for a major portion of the day should consider a dog based on his energy level, temperament and need for exercise. Race Foster, DVM, co-founder of, recommends consideration of the owner's needs as well, including lifestyle, space and activity level. Each dog breed has certain characteristics and a little research will help a potential owner figure out which dog will match up the best.

Basset Hound

The Dog Breed Directory at gives the basset hound one out of five stars for energy level. Bassets need regular, mild exercise because they tend to gain weight easily. Bassets make good watchdogs and require very little grooming or maintenance. They are also good "inside" dogs, although some do drool. Bassets are great with kids, other pets and people in general. They are well behaved during exercise, although they can be stubborn if they are trailing a scent.


Greyhounds were given two stars for energy level by the DBD. They are inside dogs who do need a long walk or a run in a safe place, everyday. Greyhounds are also patient, an important consideration for owners who work late. They need little grooming care, but they do require a soft bed. Greyhounds are well behaved when their people go out to make a buck. They are naturally shy but have finely tuned watchdog skills.

Old English Sheepdog

Although the sheepdog requires a little more exercise than a Basset Hound or Greyhound, Old English Sheepdogs deserve consideration for their exemplary and well mannered inside behaviour. They can be quite amusing and their comic behavioural antics make them a pleasure to come home to. As long as an owner has time to give them a long walk or a vigorous walk once she does get home, they do fine. The Dog Breed Guide uses adjectives like "amiable," "friendly" and "gentle." Sheepdogs need brushing every other day to keep their coats from matting. His joyful demeanour makes up for the occasional debris he tracks in from his walks.

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