Science Projects on Tooth Enamel

Written by eric benac
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Science Projects on Tooth Enamel
Try some fun teeth enamel experiments. (teeth image by JASON WINTER from

Tooth enamel is the substance that protects our teeth from cavities. According to the All Science Fair Projects website, tooth enamel is the hardest concentrated substance in our body. However, even it can get degraded and eroded over time. Try some fun science projects to test the strength of enamel.

Soda Effect

Soda is tasty but it can have a bad effect on many aspects of our health, including that of our teeth. Find out which soda will degrade teeth the quickest with this experiment suggested by the Selah School District. Crack some eggs and use the shells in place of the enamel. This is the material used by the experimenters, and it makes a suitable replacement for actual teeth enamel. Get several different brands of soda and pour them into a class. Place the egg shells into the separate glasses and start a timer. Carefully monitor the egg shell often to see how quickly the shells are dissolving. When all the egg shells are dissolved, write down your results on a graph, showing how long it took the egg shells to dissolve in the separate sodas.

Phosphoric Acid

Phosphoric acid is like any acid in that it is corrosive. However, it is used in soda, so it must be safe. Test how much phosphoric acid is safe for your teeth with this experiment, suggested by All Science Fair Projects. Buy some phosphoric acid from a craft store or a chemical store. Mix varying levels of phosphoric acid with the water. This should vary from a mix of nine parts water to one part acid to one part water to every nine parts of acid. Place these mixes in strong metal containers to avoid corroding the container. Take your egg shells and place one shell in each container. Carefully monitor how fast the egg shells corrode. Once they have all corroded, write the corrosion time down and graph it out. Now, find out how much phosphoric acid is in each bottle of different brands of soda. Find out which of these ratios will be most similar to your test ratios and point out where this lies on your graph.

Toothpaste Effectiveness

Teeth enamel gets heavily stained due to the food we eat and chemicals in the air we breathe. There are many different types of toothpaste that can help clean the stains from your teeth. Get some egg shells and let them soak in some coffee for 10 minutes and also soda and other drinks you choose. Let the shells sit overnight on the counter, with the liquids air drying off the shells. This will create stains. Buy several different brands of toothpaste and mix them with one part paste to every two parts water. Place each shell in a different container and let them sit overnight. Take the shells out in the morning and rinse of the paste. Note what toothpaste removed the most stains and graph out your results.

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