Indian Styles for a Bedroom

Updated April 17, 2017

Indian design and decor has had a strong influence on designers the world over. Choosing an Indian style decoration theme for a bedroom is a relatively common choice. Indian design is associated with comfort, opulence and romance, as well. After all, the Kama Sutra was created by Indians. To create your own Indian-themed bedroom, follow a few basic design tips.

Opulent Style

One style for a bedroom that clearly has Indian influences is the opulent approach. India is known for its plush accents like silk pillows, heavy blankets and candles. Add to the feeling of comfortable luxury by including candles, lots of flowers and gold drapes or curtains. An opulent Indian bedroom would feature a stout bed with sheer silk fabric serving as a canopy. Thick carpet or rugs with heavy braiding and sheer silk curtains or drapes serve to soften the room and heighten the opulence.

Romantic Style

The Kama Sutra is a guide to lovemaking, and the theme of romance, sexuality, and lovemaking are perfectly at home in an Indian-themed bedroom. Consider adding a large bed with a canopy and silk screens to create a bed that appears very much like a love nest. Use silk cushions and dark silk sheets to heighten the romantic sensations. Other types of accessories to fill out the romantic Indian bedroom include throw rugs of blended silk and linen, mahogany side tables, and thick, gold curtains.

Colourful Style

Indian design and decor has always relied heavily on certain colours. Because these colours are used in bold and daring ways, they create a style all their own. Paint your bedroom walls a strong colour associated with India. Typical colours include light pink, maroon, gold and bright orange. Continue with this colour palette when choosing curtains, pillows and rugs as accent pieces. Although Indian bedroom styles typically include heavy window treatments, use light fabric in a room where colour plays such a vital role. Thin fabric made with light coloured silk is a good choice.

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