Design Ideas for Garden Decking

Updated February 21, 2017

Enjoy your garden from a wooden deck. Create a deck and garden environment that interlock and blend together. Let your deck create a restful place to sit outside and enjoy pleasant weather, along with the beauty of your back yard. Here are some ideas for designing your garden decking area.

Basic Decks

Start with a basic deck. Depending on how you have your garden laid out, and how close it is to your house, your deck could be right off the house, leading to the garden in a traditional design. However, if you have a large yard and the garden section is toward the back, you might create a back yard deck in the middle of the garden, surrounding it with greenery and possibly bordering it with a water feature such as fountain or man-made pond. You might even have property that juts against a pond or lake, in which case you can build the deck to overlap the water. If designing a deck to be surrounded by your garden, consider six- and eight-sided designs. Think about adding a gazebo to the deck.

Garden on the Deck

For a smaller yard, a garden deck design might incorporate the garden right onto the deck, blending the two together. Build your deck behind or next to the house, or move it onto the yard area. On the deck, have built-in boxes for planting. Build the deck around a tree, or make the deck with a square opening in the centre and plant a tree that will later grow to shade the deck. The garden boxes can be flush with the deck flooring, or you can build a pyramid of boxes in which plants are grown on each level.

Tiered Deck

If your yard has a steep slope or grade to it, making it more vertical in places than horizontal, you can design a tiered garden deck. For this, you'll have a short deck area, connected with steps down to the next tier. On each tier, you can have boxed plants as well as a surrounding garden. Since the landscape is vertical, you'll want to plant to take advantage of this. On the highest level, plant some of the shorter, flowering plants and shrubs alongside the decking. As you descent to lower tiers, plant taller bushes and trees. With a tiered deck, you also have the option of having the deck layers jut out at an angle, instead of positioning them square alongside the house. Each successive level of the deck can jut out toward the opposite angle so that the overall appearance is of a deck zigzagging its way down the slope.

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