Crafts for Kids About New York

Updated February 21, 2017

Making crafts with kids is an educational activity that helps kids learn and understand different themes or topics. It allows children to use their imagination and get creative with just a few basic supplies, and it gives them something new to do when their daily routine becomes a bit stale. There are several New York-themed crafts that you and your kids can enjoy together.

New York-style Math Pizzas

Make a pretend New York-style pizza, and throw in some math for a little more education. Kids will learn about one of the most popular things New York is known for, as well as get a little practice counting and adding. Use creative supplies to make the "crust" and the "toppings." As the children build their pizzas, tell them to count and add all of the elements of the pizza. For example, ask them, "How many pepperonis are on your pizza? How many would you have if you added three more?" Since tracing and cutting is likely involved, be sure you keep a close eye on the kids as they build the pizza.

New York Skyline Group Craft

Nothing says "New York" like the city skyline. You and your kids can construct a version of the city skyline at home. Draw a few buildings and maybe a bridge or two that resembles the New York City skyline onto a large sheet of paper. Then, invite the children to use their imagination to decorate the skyline with whatever supplies you have around the house. The children can make items like a yellow taxi cab or white pigeons and glue them onto your skyline drawing. Encourage the kids to add their own personal artistic touch. Hang the skyline in your house or in their playroom once it is dry.

Statue of Liberty Crown and Torch

The Statue of Liberty represents freedom and has become a New York landmark for centuries. You can construct the crown and torch of the statue with your kids to teach them about immigration and the generations of families who came to the USA. Supervise the kids carefully. Help the kids use paper plates and construction paper to make the crown, and a toilet paper tube to make the torch. To take it to the next level, let the kids paint the crown and torch with green finger paint and sprinkle with glitter. You can take the opportunity to teach them a part of American history.

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