The Best Alternative Lifestyle Cities

Updated February 21, 2017

To live an alternative lifestyle can be stressful, but the best way to make things easier is surrounding ones self with like-minded individuals. There are many progressive cities the world over ready to provide an appealing attitude towards those deemed different by standard terms.

San Francisco

at the top on everyone's list is usually San Francisco. Many do not know the history of San Francisco's tolerance for alternative lifestyles, but it dates back to when navy ships would unload any suspected homosexuals in the harbour. Taking pride in their acceptance of all people, the city offers many themed events aimed at those who live alternatively.


A place where homosexuality was illegal until 1984, Sydney has now blossomed into a gay-friendly environment. Oxford Street hosts a queer district and Mardi Gras, focused on gay relations, has turned into a three-week event. Though marriage is still not sanctioned by the federal government, you can find a community willing to welcome your lifestyle.

New York City

New York might be the city you are most likely to blend in. Such an accepted way of life, gay is often not what many consider a "difference" in the city. While there are gay districts such as Greenwich Village and Chelsea, the entire city has such a diverse population that being gay is the same as being any other minority. Same-sex marriage is legal and like California, New York is on the forefront of companion laws and protection when it comes to property, custody of children, and insurance rights.


For the club and beach scene, you might consider Mykonos. Touting an active club life, you can dance all night and crash on the beach all day. Ahead of its time, Greece legalised homosexuality in 1951, and many believe gay history can be traced all the way through ancient Greece. Surrounded by other party islands such as Ibiza, Mykonos still holds the biggest draw for those living an alternative lifestyle.


Lesbians might want to look into Paris. As with all things French, the city offers a chic set of lesbian bars and cafes as well as a women-only film festival. There are many options for gay men as well from the elegant district of Marais or the risqué same-sex clubs, it is not hard to find like minded individuals in the city of love. With the graves of Oscar Wilde and Gertrude Stein in the same cemetery, there is even gay history to visit in the city.


Gay life in Barcelona has been well documented in works of art as well as film. Barcelona used to be the only place in Spain that tolerated homosexuality, but nowadays the country is making up for past transgressions with some of the most progressive legislation regarding same-sex couples on both the marriage and adoption fronts. Barcelona is a very friendly place for gay families.

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