Maid of honor responsibility checklist

Updated April 17, 2017

The maid of honour is marked as the bridesmaid closest to the bride and the one with the most responsibility. Think of yourself as the chair of the bridesmaid committee, recommends Organise the bridesmaids, keep track of important dates and deadlines, and most of all, be there for your bride in whatever capacity she needs. Whether it's assembling favours or hugging a stressed-out bride, lend a hand wherever you can.


As the maid of honour, you are the point person for communication. Know the names and contact information for all of the wedding party members on both sides of the aisle so you can track down the person who is late to the rehearsal, or worse, the wedding. Field questions from wedding guests about the wedding registry and food at the reception. The bride should not be bothered with these questions. Always lend an ear to the bride and be her sounding board. Sometimes just letting her is rant is the best help you can give.


Go dress shopping with the bride, both for her dress and the bridesmaid dresses. Take down the names of the dresses the bride likes. Learn how to get the bride into her dress and how to tie any bows or bustles. Once the bride picks out the bridesmaid dresses, ensure all of the bridesmaids get measured and then order their dresses at the same time to guarantee the dresses are cut from the same dye of fabric. Offer your help when you can for other shopping excursions for items such as decorations, flowers and invitations. Help the bride address the wedding invitations when they arrive.


Planning parties in honour of the bride is one of your biggest responsibilities as maid of honour. According to Emily Post, you do not have to host the bridal shower, although many maids of honour do with the help of other bridesmaids or the bride's immediate relatives. Host the bridal shower one to two months before the wedding if all of the bridesmaids live locally, or pick a convenient date if you or the bridesmaids must travel. Plan the hen party the weekend before the wedding or at the date the bride requests. Cover the bride's costs if others don't pitch in; hen party guests generally pay their own way.

Wedding Day

Arrive early on the wedding day and make sure the dresses, shoes and bouquets all make it first to the dressing area and then to their assigned person. Assist the bride as she gets ready and help calm her nerves. During the ring exchange or when the bride and groom join hands, take the bride's bouquet and remember to hand it back before she heads down the aisle with her groom. Bustle the bride's train after the ceremony, if needed. Make sure the bride gets a chance to sit down and eat at the reception, and then give your toast. Finally, decorate the getaway car with the help of members of the bridal party.

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