220-volt Plug Outlet Types

Updated November 21, 2016

Most people in America are familiar with a three-wire receptacle that accepts two- or three-prong plugs. This type of outlet usually appears in residential and commercial environments and can generate up to 220 volts of electricity in the United States. Other countries use a variety of electrical sockets and plugs that generate up to 220 volts of power, but these devices look slightly different from the outlets and plugs found in the United States. In addition, other countries offer a variety of voltages, which can range from 110 to 280 volts.

Type C Electrical Outlet

The Type C electrical socket is available to generate 220 volts. Some people call this type of outlet as the Europlug. The outlet has two circular holes that work with the CEE7/16 plug, which has two smooth, round, unearthed pins. This type of plug is frequent through Europe. In addition, you can find this plug in countries such as Asia, Africa and South America, including Brazil, Argentina, Bangladesh and Egypt.

Type D Electrical Outlet

The Type D electrical socket and plug was standard device in the United Kingdom in the 1940s. This type of outlet and plug has the technical name of BS 546. The plug offers three large holes to work with the Type D plug that feature three huge circular pins. This type of plug is rarely used today. Some countries that use a Type D electrical socket include Libya, Botswana, Jordan and Greece.

Type F Electrical Outlet

The Type F electrical socket features two earth clips on two sides. Most people refer to the Type F plug as a "Schuko" plug, which derives its name from "Schukostecker," a German word meaning a "protective contact plug." This socket accepts Type C and Type E plugs. In addition, this outlet can produce 220 volts, depending on the regulation of the country. Some countries that use Type F outlets include Turkey, Spain, Norway and Netherlands.

Type I Electrical Outlet

The Type I electrical socket comes in various voltages including 220 volts. The socket features three pins to accommodate the Type I electrical plug, which comes with two smooth, flat, oblique blades that create an inward "V-shape." Some countries that use a Type I outlet include New Zealand, Fiji, China, Tonga and American Samoa.

Type G Electrical Outlet

Type G electrical sockets feature a square-box with three holes to accept three pins in the shape of a rectangle. In the United Kingdom, this boxlike device usually has shutters that cover the neutral and live connections. When a person inserts the longest pin on the Type G plug in the outlet, the shutters open. In addition, the Type G electrical plug has three rectangular-shaped blades that feature a protective fuse to protect cord from high circuits. This type of plug is available to generate 220 volts. Some places that use Type G outlets include Malaysia, Belize and Ghana.

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