Librax Information and Side Effects

Updated March 21, 2017

Librax is a pharmaceutical drug that contains two different types of muscle relaxants. The drug is most commonly used to treat painful spasms located in the lower abdomen. Like all drugs, Librax can sometimes cause interactions and side effects within the body. For this reason, it should only be used under the direction of a physician.


Librax is a prescription medication that contains a combination of chlordiazepoxide and clidinium bromide. Both of these components are commonly used as antianxiety drugs to relax muscles throughout the body. In addition to increasing muscle relaxation, these drugs can help lower the levels of acid production within the stomach.


Due to the contents of drugs that help relax muscles, Librax is frequently prescribed as a way to reduce painful contractions in the lower abdomen. These types of stomach spasm symptoms are frequently associated with irritable and spastic bowel syndrome, as well was urinary bladder problems.

In many cases of lower abdominal muscle pain, nonmedical stress relief programs are recommended as the preferred method of reducing spasms. However, if the spasms continue, Librax can help the muscles of the gut to relax.


In some instances, Librax can interact with food to cause discomfort and constipation. This interaction can be minimised with a fibre-rich diet. More seriously, Librax may also interact with certain drugs. Alcohol, for example, should not be combined with Librax, as it can cause the body to become heavily sedated.

Similarly, Librax should not be combined with drugs such as tranquillisers or sleeping pills. Examples of drugs to avoid include Ambien, Valium, and Xanax. Antidepressants should not be combined with Librax if possible. As always, possible interactions should be discussed with a physician before the drug is used.

Side Effects

Several side effects are possible when Librax is taken. The drug can affect hormone levels in the body, which can lead to a change in overall libido. For women, these hormone level changes can also affect the regularity of the menstrual cycle.

As previously mentioned, the sedative qualities of Librax can be amplified if it is combined with other drugs or alcohol. Extensive use of Librax can lead to dependence and addiction. For this reason, users should not discontinue the drug suddenly, but instead follow a physician's guidelines for discontinuation.

Other side effects that have been reported with Librax include nausea, blurry vision and liver problems. Again, a physician should always be consulted to ensure that the drug is being used safely and properly.

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