Side effects of the drug cisapride on cats

Written by blake oruairi | 13/05/2017
Side effects of the drug cisapride on cats
Dangers to your cat. (cats eye image by Michael Cornelius from

Cisapride is a drug that may be prescribed for cat constipation. The drug was removed from the market for human consumption in 2000 but has not been banned for animal use. Some veterinarians still prescribe this medication but there can be severe side effects associated with it's use. Some can even result in the death of your pet.

Heart Arrhythmias

Side effects of the drug cisapride on cats
Don't endanger your pet. (boy and his pet image by Renata Osinska from

Heart arrhythmias or irregular heart beats can occur with the use of Cisapride in cats. This can result in the weakening and reduced function of the heart muscle, which in turn can lead to congestive heart failure in your pet. Some signs of arrhythmia include weakness and fever. Feel your cat's nose, if it's warm this indicates a fever and you should consult your vet.

Kidney Disease

Side effects of the drug cisapride on cats
Watch for excessive thirst or weight loss. (Chat image by Cath Blot from

Signs of kidney disease include excessive thirst, weight loss and vomiting. If your cat is taking Cisapride and displays these symptoms it can be fatal to your feline. If these symptoms persist for more than a day or two you should take your pet to the veterinarian as soon as possible.

Stomach Pain and Diarrhea

Side effects of the drug cisapride on cats
Pain and discomfort for your kitty. (angry cat image by andrej pol from

Finally, Cisapride can cause stomach cramping and diarrhoea in your cat. This can lead to dehydration and even more serious conditions if not treated. Check your pet's fecal matter to see if it contains worms, which can also cause diarrhoea. In either case, finding worms or not, consulting your vet is the best course of action.

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