Great Gifts for Women Over 60

Updated April 17, 2017

Buying gifts for any woman can be a challenge, and that's especially true if the woman in your life is over 60. This is a woman who has just about everything that she wants and when asked just smiles and ignores the questions. With a little planning, and some thought, you can easily find a gift that will make her eyes twinkle and put a spring in her step.

Discover Her Hobbies

Women like to be busy. Many not only work, but they also run the house, raise the kids and still find time to relax with any number of hobbies. Discover what she likes to do the most and make a basket of items that she uses to work on her craft. For example, if she likes to knit, fill a basket with the best selection of yarn your local hobby shop can provide and order some handmade knitting needles to go with it. If she's a gardener, fill a basket with tools, seeds and potting soil. Add a gift card for plants from your local garden centre and a note offering some of your time to help her re-landscape her garden.

Memories Mean the World

As a woman gets older, memories become even more important to her. Help her create new ones by sending her on a trip with her friends, or planning a family reunion. Work with her friends and family to make it a surprise.

Giving her the gift of your time may be the best present she's ever had. Plan a day of shopping or a weekend of travel to someplace she's longed to visit. Volunteer to go to her house and help her do the holiday baking or canning. Spend time with her. She'll talk about it for years.

A Day to Relax

There is nothing any woman wants more than just a day to relax. Help her with that by setting up a spa day for her. A relaxing massage, a facial or even a haircut at a fancy salon will show her how much you appreciate her. Buy her a couple of books by her favourite author or load up her electronic book reader so she can read while being pampered. Clean her house and have dinner on the table waiting for her when she gets home so there is nothing she needs to do or worry about while she's away for the day.

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