Art Deco Bathroom Ideas

Updated November 21, 2016

When using art deco style in your bathroom design, it is important to emphasise the architectural interest. In stark contrast to floral prints or delicate repeating patterns of previous design eras, art deco features sharp geometric patterns, bold colour choices and unusual materials. Art deco can create a charming and elegant space while still remaining daring and modern.

Materials and Textures

The materials and textures used are a key element of art deco room design. Try using chrome metal or shining brass hardware or bathroom fixtures. Glass also makes a bold statement in an art deco bathroom, particularly with a sharp edged mirror, a custom vanity or a reflective shower door. Try using reflective glass on furniture or in accessories as well. This reflection highlights the geometric patterns and creates even more visual interest.

Colour Palette

Colour scheme is important for art deco design, especially for a bathroom. For smaller bathrooms, avoid using too dark of a colour without an equal contrasting colour as this may make your bathroom seem even smaller. Choose colours that enhance the architectural interest of your space, playing up the geometric elements of the room. Blacks, silvers, pastels and sometimes neon are commonly seen in art deco bathrooms.

Black and White

Art deco design favours a bold colour palette, and there is no colour combination as bold as black and white. The contrast really plays on the geometric shapes involved in the pattern, which is another feature of art deco design. Try using the combination of black and white in tile for the floors, shower walls or vanity of your bathroom. Black and white can also be used in the colour scheme for the fabrics and painted surfaces you choose for your bathroom.

Geometric Patterns

Geometric interest is a consistent element of art deco interiors. This is particularly seen in bathrooms with ceramic or glass tiles. Tile can be used to create visual interest, especially if laid diagonally on a bathroom floor or used in a mosaic on the side of a bathtub. The contrast of straight and curved edges, as in a round mirror or picture frame perched upon a rectangular vanity, is commonly seen in art deco bathroom motifs.


The accessories in your bathroom are what brings your bathroom decor to life. However, it is important to edit so as not to over-clutter your surface space. Try using metal or glass accessories. If you choose to use wood features, choose ones that are painted with a high-gloss or metallic paint to minimise the "natural" quality of the wood.

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