Flowering Perennial Shrubs

Updated April 17, 2017

Perennial plants are those plants that come back every spring. As opposed to an annual that dies and needs to be replanted year after year, a perennial plant, when taken care of properly, will continue to give the owner years of enjoyment. There are a wide selection of flowering perennial shrubs homeowners can choose from to accent their landscapes.

Pink and Sweet Azalea

The pink and sweet azalea is a perennial shrub suited for Zones 4 through 9. It's a late-blooming shrub with pinkish-purple flowers. These sweet smelling blossoms are accented by dark green foliage that, in the autumn, turns a deep red. These shrubs can reach 4 feet in width and 3 feet in height and prefer acidic, organic soil that is well drained. They also grow best in areas of moderate to light shade.

Burgandy Carousel Barberry

There are a wide variety of barberry plants to choose from when considering flowering perennial shrubs. However, the burgandy carousel barberry is one of the most colourful. Its flowers are tiny and develop into vivid red berries that attract birds. The most stunning part of this plant, though, is its deep reddish-purple foliage that lasts from spring to fall. It's thorny branches and slightly drooping nature make it a popular choice as a foundation or a barrier shrub. This Barberry is well suited for Zones 4 through 7. It enjoys full sun and grows up to 5 feet in width and 3 feet high.

Butterfly Bush Honeysuckle

The butterfly bush honeysuckle blooms from May through July each year. Its vibrant yellow flowers are lightly fragrant and popular with butterflies. In the fall, it's dark green foliage turns a purple shade. This is a very adaptable perennial shrub. Although it prefers to be planted in a moist but sunny spot, it can adjust to drier and shadier locations. This rapidly growing Butterfly Bush is very hardy and drought tolerant. Suited for zones four through seven, this shrub can grow up to 5 feet in width and height.

Hydrangea Blue Bunny

The hydrangea blue bunny is one of the top flower-producing hydrangea varieties. This perennial shrub displays a riot of bluish-white flowers, year-after-year, beginning in the late summer and lasting until the first frost. Unlike some other hydrangea varieties, soil pH does not affect the hydrangea blue bunny. Blue bunny prefers moderate moisture and does well in settings from full sun to partial shade. This shrub is suited for Zones 6 through 9 and can grow up to 4 feet in height and width.

Common Purple Lilac

The common purple lilac is one of the most popular varieties of lilacs due to its strong fragrance and beautiful, delicate, light purple flowers. The heart-shaped, deep green leaves add contrast to the shrub. The common purple lilac is incredibly hardy. It can survive extreme colds and actually prefers climates with a significant amount of frost during the winter. For this reason, this perennial shrub is suited for Zones 3 through 7. One of the larger shrubs, this variety of lilac can grow up to 10 feet high and 10 feet wide. .

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