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Polyester fabric, often considered a huge fashion faux pas, is actually a very useful and varied material. Used in the production of every kind of clothing, from shirts and slacks to shoes and boxer shorts, polyester, when cared for and worn with attention to style, can be a very attractive fabric.


Polyester fabric is made from polyester fibres. These fibres, created artificially and which use petroleum in the process, are used to create a variety of items, such as hoses and soda pop bottles. This also means that, for all intents and purposes, polyester fabric can be both recycled, and made from recycled materials.


Polyester fabrics have several advantages. Polyester fabrics are less water absorbent and are much more difficult to set on fire than traditional fabrics. From a practical fashion standpoint, polyester fabrics are also harder to fray and more wrinkle resistant than natural fabrics.


The biggest complaint about polyester fabrics, as they're used in clothing and in home apparel such as blankets and sheets, is that they don't have a natural look or feel. Polyester fabrics tend to be much smoother than natural fabrics, and some of their advantages, like their lack of absorption, may turn around and be disadvantages in things like towels and washcloths.


The solution to finding a happy medium between natural fabrics and woven, polyester fabrics has often been to blend the two together. By making a fabric from both natural fibres such as cotton and polyester fibres, a blended fabric is created that melds the advantages of both fabrics together into one whole cloth.


Comparatively speaking, articles made from polyester fabric tend to be cheaper than those made from natural fibres, in many cases. This is more the case when the article in question is a larger object, such as drapes or bedsheets than in smaller items of apparel.


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