What are the benefits of saffron tea?

Written by chanel adams | 13/05/2017
What are the benefits of saffron tea?
Drinking saffron tea will benefit your health. (tea image by Horticulture from Fotolia.com)

Drinking saffron tea every day can have a positive effect on your overall health. Saffron is a spice found in many different foods and herbal supplements. You can mix the spice with hot water, although some people prefer to use saffron tea bags.

Colds and Respiratory Diseases

As a spice, saffron helps clear the lungs. When you have a cold or respiratory illness, your lungs become inflamed. Drinking saffron will help clear the phlegm from your lungs and aid a faster recovery. Saffron also helps ease asthma by reducing inflammation and clearing your airways.

Behavioural Diseases

Saffron is also said to help depression and insomnia. According to the Bastyr Center web site, crocin and safranal are the components of the plant that help combat behavioural diseases. There is no clinical proof, though, that saffron is effective against these conditions.


Arthrosclerosis is a hardening of the arteries due to a build-up of plaque from fattening foods. Arthrosclerosis can cause heart disease, diabetes, and blood disorders. Drinking saffron tea may help cleanse your body of harmful toxins and substances.

Stomach Aches and Other Pains

Saffron tea can also ease stomach aches and similar ailments by stimulating the stomach muscles. Contractions enable the muscles to relax and also cool your body. That explains the feeling of relaxation people experience after drinking this tea.

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