List of evergreen shrubs

Updated July 19, 2017

Whether beginning to plant a brand new landscape, or remodel an existing yard, pick shrubs that will supply year-round greenery. Evergreen shrubs are easier to care for than annual flowers yet still provide colourful blossoms for both the yard and indoor bouquets. Evergreen shrubs come in many size choices, from dwarf to very large, so there should be an appropriate site in every landscape to work a few in.

Tall Evergreen Shrubs

Many shrubs mature to a small tree size height. Some varieties of camellia stretch to a height of 20 feet with beautiful glossy evergreen leaves and ruffly flowers perfect for springtime bouquets. The flower colours range from white to pink,red, and violet with choices of single to double blossoms. The camellia prefers a shady site in the landscape.

Escallonia is an evergreen shrub with some varieties growing to 25 feet. This shrub enjoys full sun and does well planted in coastal conditions, not bothered by salty air or ocean winds. Clusters of flowers decorate the shrub in summer and fall in shades of white or pink, depending upon the variety.

Mid-Size Evergreen Shrubs

Two choices in shrubs with evergreen foliage maturing in the 6-to 8-foot height range are varieties of Nandina domestica and Hebe. Nandina is often called heavenly bamboo, and generally loves the sun, with varieties that are drought tolerant. It grows slowly in an upright rather than spreading form, reaching to 8 feet and flowering in creamy to pinkish hues. The leaves turn fiery shades in the fall, offering additional colour.

Hebe is a shrub that can reach 6 feet and prefers shade and regular water. Hebe andersonii is a tall variety (up to 6 feet) with flowers in summer on 4-inch spikes. The lower blossom is white and, as it blooms to the top, it is violet.

Short Evergreen Shrubs

Corsican Prostrate is a rosemary shrub that grows in a low, mounding, and spreading form to only just over 1 foot tall. It is an evergreen with fragrant green leaves and clusters of dark blue flowers in the summer. Rosemary loves hot sun and requires good drainage, needing very little water once established.

Irish heath (Daboecia), on the other hand, requires regular water and part shade to thrive. This evergreen grows to 1 foot in a mounding form with flowers in pinkish shades. The heath variety "azorica" blooms in April and May, while cantabrica flowers from June to October.

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