What Are the Benefits of a Synthetic Slate Roof?

Updated February 21, 2017

Slate roofing is one option for homeowners seeking an alternative to ceramic tile, shingles or gravel roofs. It is valued for its natural qualities, durability and weather resistance. As a homeowner, you have a choice between real or synthetic slate roofs. There are many reasons why the latter choice is a better option.

Cost Effectiveness

The most obvious advantage of synthetic slate roofs is the cost. A synthetic slate roof will cost much less than real slate tiles that are cut from stone. Synthetic slate has many of the same qualities of the natural slate, however. The look is almost identical in both colour and texture, and the shape of the tile is exactly the same. For the budget-conscious homeowner, a synthetic slate tile is one to consider.


Another concern when installing a real slate roof is weight. Stone tiles are heavy, and this means more pressure is resting on your roofing joists. For older homes, this is a problem. Synthetic slate tiles are lighter than natural slate, so they provide fewer worries during and after the installation. Because of the weight difference, the cost of the installation may be less as well. Replacing the tile is a simpler task as well because the material is easier to work with.

Colour Options

Synthetic slate tiles are produced in a wide range of colours. This allows the homeowner more choices and the ability to select a colour they like. The roof tiles are installed in patterns as well, which adds texture and style to the home. The shape of the tile, as well as its colour, is alternated in some patterns to add even more depth and texture.

More Advantages

There are many more advantages of synthetic slate roofs. Typically, a synthetic slate roof is installed in less time than a traditional, natural slate roof. Fewer alterations need to be made on the roof as well. With a natural stone roof, some joists must be replaced and the roof reinforced. This is not true with the synthetic slate tile installation. Nearly all standard roof structures are ample enough to support the installation without modification.

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