Easy Fund Raising Ideas for Seniors

Updated March 23, 2017

Many senior classes raise money to fund an improvement to their schools, such as repainting the gym or adding new equipment to the playground. Other senior classes need money to host a prom or to take a trip. Some classes utilise product sales to make money, and other classes want to make memories as well as money. Fundraising itself doesn’t have to be expensive, and should always be fun.

Baked Goods

Have each of the seniors bake a batch of brownies, cookies or a cake decorated with a theme important to them. A student who loves biology might cut his cookies in the shape of a frog and decorate them with green icing. An avid runner might bake brownies in a pan shaped like a tennis shoe and add white frosting lines to resemble laces. The idea isn’t perfection, but fun. Each student incurs a small investment in ingredients and time, and depending on the size of the senior class, you’ll end up with quite a selection of baked goods.

Auction the items off or sell them at a school function such as a pep rally or during the halftime of a football or basketball game. Many students and parents would like to see how well the captain of the football team can cook, or buy a dozen heart-shaped cookies made by the head cheerleader.

Hiring Out

The Washington Activity Coordinators Association recommends hiring your senior cheerleaders out to local businesses to sing Happy Birthday, participate in a ribbon cutting ceremony or cheer on a new product. Or auction the senior class off in teams to the highest bidder to provide manual labour, such as lawn cleaning, performing light home repairs or even cleaning house and serving dinner.

Class Performances

Host a country-western dance or a rock concert using talent drawn from the senior class. If you don’t have any seniors who are musicians, have them take turns as the disc jockey all night. Use the school gym, charge admission and sell donated or homemade refreshments. Provide a clean-up crew after the event to save on janitorial charges.

Or, tap the drama talent to put on a play as a senior class fundraiser. Make it a serious production of a Shakespeare play or dress the guys in drag and put on a comedy. Use the high school auditorium and charge admission.

Product Sales

Consider selling products designed specifically for school fundraisers, such as candles, do-it-yourself pizzas or gift baskets. Some of the items can be customised to bear your school’s mascot or the senior class’s graduation date. Ordering, money collection and product delivery are straightforward, and there’s money to be made if you pick the right product for your target audience.

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