Advantages of Timber Cladding

Timber cladding is one of the many options home and construction builders are met with when choosing roofing and siding materials. There are many advantages to timber cladding over other construction materials such as aluminium, steel and PVC. Benefits range from aesthetics to environmental concerns.


Timber cladding offers a natural insulation for the home that is enveloping, unlike steel and aluminium that will require large amounts of insulation in between the siding and inner walls. It also removes the need for large masonry walls in between the siding and the inner wall, further reducing costs. The natural insulation of timber allows for a great deal of cost savings to home builders.


Timber is lightweight compared to steel, hollow core and other concrete siding options. The decrease in weight allows for savings in foundation materials and helps builders divert funds to other areas of the building project to design a higher-end building. The lightweight nature of timber also makes it a viable material for roof covering, reducing the weight of the home even further.

Environmentally Friendly

Contrary to popular belief, the use of timber as a siding option is one of the most environmentally friendly construction options. Other construction materials, such as steel and aluminium, create over ten times the amount of carbon emissions than the harvesting of timber. If the builder is careful to select a timber company that adheres to sustainable foresting techniques, the impact on the environment are minimal. If the company only harvests forests that are grown specifically for harvesting, the carbon emissions related to timber harvesting are in negative amounts.

Natural Beauty

Timber siding offers the builder a material that has natural beauty and requires little work to become a work of art. Timber is one of the only siding materials that looks fine in its natural state. There are many designs that timber siding is cut into allowing a builder an unlimited range of siding options.


Timber cladding is very flexible and able to be cut and designed to fit almost any desired design. Timber cladding also has a natural flex to it, which can withstand many situations under which concrete and brick siding options would crack and crumble. The flexibility of timber helps builders create archways and windows that seamlessly blend in with the rest of the construction.

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