Room Partition Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Whether you have a studio apartment or two children sharing a room who need privacy, you need room partitions. Divide large rooms into smaller, cosier spaces that maximise the functionality of your home, providing privacy and visual division. Room partitions give you the option to create distinct spaces within one room of your home.

Folding Screens

Folding screens provide movable visual separation. Folding screens can be purchased or made out of a few old doors and some hinges, as well as wood and fabric. Use folding screens to break up a large room or provide privacy for changing clothes. Folding screens can easily be folded up and stored if you want to use the whole room for a gathering, or moved for a different room layout.

Window Treatments

Drapes and curtains are not just for windows. Hang a curtain rod or track from the ceiling and put up long draperies for a floor-to-ceiling division of the space. This option is perfect for kids' rooms, giving your children privacy and their own spaces. If the kids want to play together, the drapes can be easily pushed back, opening up the room.


Use tall bookcases to separate the room into different areas. Shelves give you storage, as well as a "wall" between spaces. If you have only short shelves, put large items such as plants, lamps or sculptures on top of the shelves to separate the areas more. Shelves can separate your living room into a sitting area and an office, for example.

Furniture Arrangements

Use tables and the back of your couch to divide a room. For one area, have all the furniture face one focal point of the room. For another space, turn the furniture to a different focal point. Emphasise the division with area rugs, lamps and large houseplants. Use a slightly different colour scheme in each area.


Groups of large plants work well as room partitions. Combine with other room elements, such as tables, short columns and lamps, and you have a beautiful partition that adds extra colour and texture to the room design. Depending on the amount of foliage, plants can provide visual privacy or just break up the space, while allowing light to seep through the leaves. Pick plants that provide the amount of privacy you prefer.


Hang paintings, wall hangings or a series of geometric cutouts from the ceiling to work as a room partition. Make sure both sides of the artwork are aesthetically pleasing or double up the pieces to have a different artwork face each area of the room. This option allows you to bring in another design element of colour and style for the large room. Artwork can be hung from the ceiling between a kitchen and dining room if you prefer to not see the kitchen from the table, for example.

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